5 Security Gadgets You Can Install Yourself

Security gadgets are good to have around the house, but they are not exactly very reliable or friendly if you install them yourself. In fact, a lot of bigger security systems need an engineer to come in and do the work for you. But, this does not mean that you are at the mercy of the security firm or the engineer. There are some devices that you can install on your own. Here are five that you may like to try.

1 – Lowe’s Home Control System

There are a few of these around, but at the time of writing, the Lowe version is the newest. They are devices that help you make your house secure with a selection of different security tools. There are things such as motion detection cameras, devices that lock your front door, motion detector units, and video display units.
All of the tools you may decide to purchase are all easy to install yourself. In many cases, it just involves screwing a few things into place. The tools that you may buy all come with installation instructions so you will not need to hire an engineer or run off to find a security firm.

2 – Dogs without the Responsibility

Having a dog is a great deterrent to burglars. Even a small dog is a great security measure if it barks when people approach. The fact that the dog barks brings unwanted attention to the location that will often make a burglar think twice. It is especially good at night when the lights are off and everyone is in bed.
It works by detecting movement from outside. You set up small detectors near your door and on the garden path. The device will start to create a barking noise from inside the house if the motion detector is triggered. If the motion detector continues to be triggered then the device makes a more aggressive barking noise. It is a good addition to your garden if you already have motion detection lights. This will mean that the would-be intruder is then surrounded by lights and noise.

3 – Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

This is called the FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent. It works on the premise that burglars are less likely to rob a house that has people in it. In order to make it appear as if somebody is in, it is common for people to leave their TV on. This device allows you to create that illusion without actually leaving your TV on and wasting all of that energy.
All you need to do is close your curtains and set the device up. All you need to do is plug it in and leave it in the room that your TV is in. The LED lights make it appear from the street that your TV is on and is playing TV shows. It does not have sound, so if a person gets really close then they may notice something amiss, but if you have the device on then the lights should deter opportunistic burglars from trying to enter your house. It is cheaper than leaving your TV on every time you go out.

4 – LCD Peephole

This is actually a small camera that looks like a peephole. You pop out your glass peephole and install this device. There is a display that you can look at so that you can see exactly who is at your door in full profile. A peephole made of glass has limitations because your view is skewered, and it is easy to stand to one side so that the person inside cannot get a clear view of you.
If you add the LCD display to the back of your door, then it is a little like having a window in your door. There are a number of different varieties of this idea as it has become more popular and cheaper to buy. There are even ones that will send a video stream to your Smartphone [http://web.archive.org/web/20130808001333/http://techmastersblog.com/how-to-outsmart-the-smartphone-market/] or tablet device, so that if you are in the bathroom then you can see who is downstairs at the door.

5 – D49 DropCamHD

Home security systems involving cameras are expensive. They are not as expensive as they used to be, but are still pretty pricey. However, this device is simply based on a web cam idea. You plug it into a socket and then install the software on your computer. You do not need to connect to the camera with wires, as it has a Wi-Fi connection. So, you may place the camera anywhere and have the signal sent back to your computer.
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