5 Tips on How to Sell Websites


I can still remember the first time that I was able to sell my first website on Flippa.com. I was entering my bank details and some other information wrong since my head was spinning after I finally closed the 5 figure deal. I just couldn’t get over the excitement until I had to spend a few minutes to calm myself down to finally enter everything correctly.

I sold a few more websites after that and I must say that I have learned enough lessons in selling websites which I would like to share with you today. There are two elements needed in selling a website. First, for your website to appeal to potential buyers, you need to have a good amount of backlinks, unique contents, and a good Google PageRank. But that is not enough. Without the second set of elements, you cannot sell your website with the amount that will bring your hands shaking like I did the first time. The second element that your website needs to have is traffic and revenue. If your website is earning 4-digit income on a monthly basis with more than fifty thousand hits a month, then you will earn real money.

I am not going to talk here about how you can build backlinks or create a sales funnel. There’s a lot of information about that all over the Internet. But for this topic about how to sell websites, I am going to share helpful tips that never failed to attract more potential buyers on Flippa.com.



I know that others sell their websites through other means and I know it works. But for me, the easiest and the best way to selling websites is through Flippa.com. Yes, there are scams but you will be able prevent it from happening to you if you just follow these tips:

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1. Make sure to use Escrow There’s no other way to secure your selling transaction but to use the services of Escrow. If your buyer cheats you, Escrow holds his money until he returns what you originally own. The buyer is likewise protected if the seller cheats him. Escrow charges the seller for transaction fees and cancels the entire transaction.
2. Make Sure That You Have Google Analytics Data Serious buyers need to see proof of what you say your site is. So make sure that you use Google Analytics long before you start selling your website.
3. Never Underestimate Your Trust Rating If you think that your website will speak for you, you are wrong. Serious buyers want to know if they can trust you first before they look at your site in details. Otherwise they will just be wasting their time. To improve your trust rating on Flippa, you just have to verify your contact information which includes linking your Facebook and LinkedIn account.
4. Set a Short Auction Length Do not fall into the trap of setting your auction length to 30 days. There’s no reason to decide on that other than laziness. The problem of setting up a lengthy period is you are giving potential buyers a leeway to put your website aside until they find other website which grabs their attention better than yours. By setting up a limited period, you are giving them the urgency to look into your offer now or they miss the chance.
5. Always Set Your Reserve Price to a Minimum One way to grab the attention of potential buyers is to set a low reserve price as it will trigger a bright green color on your account with a sign that says “Bidding Offer and Reserve Has Been Met.” This trick stimulates a response from them to bid. Just be sure to set a high minimum bid to make sure that you still get what your website is worth.

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