High Risk SEO: Different Ways To Get Penalized By Google

If you want to determine if you have been actually hit by Google penalty of not then here we have given you the list of different ways to get penalized by Google. A number of are high risk SEO methods considered to be black hat by a few. What are the Google penalties is one of the common topics discussed in many online forums. Now let us have a look at them.


* Back links: There are many SEO companies who mainly focus on link building for improving the visibility of their websites on Google. Doing back linking is not bad however there are limits. One needs to follow Google webmaster guidelines while doing link building. Link exchange is natural to some extent, whereas massive links exchange schemes are noticed algorithmically hence you can get penalized by Google. Now a day, several top ranking free WordPress themes websites are SEO scams that completely depend on hidden links in themes. If you depend on these links for the purpose of back linking then you can get penalized by Google. If you are trying to get more links too fast then it can result in a Google penalty. Google checks for the link velocity. Hence, if you are getting more links too fast than you deserve then you can get penalized by Google.

Content: Duplicate content, low quality content, scraped content and unreadable content are the factors that SEO people need to consider while making their sites top in the Google search engine. Duplicate, low quality content does not make you to get penalized by Google, but these can badly affect on the page rank of the websites and as a result sites drop in Google.

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Ads: With Google Panda, search giant finally did many changes. Too many ads on your site can lead to a penalty. High number of ads and particularly Google Adsense ads make you to get penalized. Affiliate sites which do not have value also get penalized by Google. Google often explained that affiliates are fine however just as long as they provide you a few supplementary value further than the actual affiliate provides.

Google Filters: Filters are a few Google penalties, which are applied automatically. There are a number of penalties, which can be automatic and even manual too. A few filters are there which are algorithmic. A web page has just one h1 title tag. According to Google, multiple h1 tags are a deception to spam its index. Google finds out such sites making use of multiple h1 tags. Such sites get penalized by Google. One needs to make use of h2 and h3 tags. Keyword stuffing is another old method used by many webmasters. One needs to ensure to add keywords to his or her site however not more than a few times. One should use the relevant keyword and reduce the density of keyword use. It is very crucial for you to keep the text of your site readable. The high number of keywords in your text can reduce the page rank of your site.


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