How Many Calories in a Slice of Pizza

Depends on the ingredients used to make the pizza. A simple Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza can cost an average of 250-350 calories per small slice. This is mainly due to the pizza dough, cheese and seasoning as well as the processed meat slices.

If you want to watch your weight while enjoying pizza, you can have an all vegetable pizza but with the cheese removed (unless it’s a low fat/calorie cheese). Having a thinner crust than a thick crust pizza helps decreasing the amount of calories of a pizza slice. If you can’t have a thin crust pizza, make sure the slice is as small as possible. Avoid deep dish pizzas and pizzas that have a large dough.

1 slice of a 12 inch pizza
1 slice  = 1/8 of a pizza (regular or original crust)

  • On average, a slice of cheese pizza has about 200 calories.
  • On average, a slice of pepperoni  pizza has about 210 calories.

1 slice of a 14 inch pizza
1 slice = 1/8 of a pizza (regular or original crust)

  • On average, a slice of cheese pizza has about 280 calories.
  • On average, a slice of pepperoni pizza has about 300 calories.

If you were to get a regular crust pizza (like hand-tossed) you can add an extra 60 calories per slice, and for a pan pizza (has extra oil) add an extra 120 calories per slice! Of course, to get the most accurate information for the pizza you like, you might wanna see if your pizza restaurant can provide you with Their company’s nutrition facts.

  • Cheese Pizza, 230 calories per slice
  • Pepperoni Pizza, 290 calories per slice
  • Sausage Pizza, 280 calories per slice
  • Meat-Piled High Pizza, 350 calories per slice
  • Veggie Pizza, 215 calories per slice
  • Spinach Alfredo Pizza, 240 calories per slice
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Calories in Restaurant Pizza Per Slice

Little Caesar’s 14″
Cheese Deep Dish Crust, 268
Cheese Thin Crust, 148

Papa John’s 14″
Cheese Original Crust, 304
Cheese Thin Crust, 257
Cheese Original Crust, 304
Pepperoni Original Crust, 338
The Works, Original Crust, 367

Papa John’s 12″
Cheese, Regular Crust, 260
Cheese, Thick Crust, 280
Cheese, Thin ‘n Crispy Crust, 209
Pepperoni, Thick Crust, 286

Domino’s 14″
Cheese Thin Crust, 123
Cheese Ultimate Deep Dish Crust, 332
Pepperoni Ultimate Deep Dish Crust, 366