How Many Calories in An Apple

Counting calories has become a natural part of our everyday life. We are constantly wondering how many calories are in foods that we consume, but what about the healthy foods? While some are contemplating how many calories are in junk food, others are wondering how many calories are in the healthy stuff. Have you ever wondered how many calories there are in an apple?

One large apple weights approximately 223 grams and contains 116 calories. There is very little protein in apples, just at 0.58 grams and no fat to speak of. Due to the natural sweetness and texture of an apple, there are 30.80 grams of carbohydrates. A small apple contains about half the nutritional value and contains 77 calories each. This calorie content is determined with the apple skin on.

Apple Size Weight Calories Protein Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar
Extra Small Apple (2-1/2″ diameter) 101g 53 0.26g 0.17g 13.95g 2.4g 10.49g
Small Apple (2-3/4″ diameter) 149g 77 0.39g 0.25g 20.58g 3.6g 15.48g
Medium Apple (3″ diameter) 182g 95 0.47g 0.31g 25.13g 4.4g 18.91g
Large Apple (3-1/4″ diameter) 223g 116 0.58g 0.38g 30.80g 5.4g 23.17g
1 cup slices 109g 57 0.28g 0.19g 15.05g 2.6g 11.33g
1 cup, quartered or chopped 125g 65 0.33g 0.21g 17.26g 3.0g 12.99g
100 grams 100g 52 0.26g 0.17g 13.81g 2.4g 10.39g
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