How Many Calories in an Egg

A small egg contains 54 calories and 4.7 protein, a medium egg contains 65 calories and 5.5 protein, a large egg contains 74 calories and 6.3 protein. Also One cup of raw eggs contains 347 calories and 30.2 protein.

The average large chicken egg, which is what most recipes call for, has about 65 calories.  A jumbo egg has about 96 calories, with medium and small eggs coming in at fewer calories and fat, as described in the following table.

Calories in an Egg

Size (White, yellow) Calories Protein (g)
Small 54 4.7
Medium 65 5.5
Large 74 6.3
Extra Large 85 7.3
Jumbo 96 8.2
One cup of raw eggs 347 30.2
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