How Many Electrons Does Carbon Have

Carbon has 6 protons, and it will have 6 electrons in a neutral atom, one for each proton.

Hence, using the 1s, 2s, 2p notation for atomic orbitals, the electrons are divided up as follows;

  • The 1s shell has two electrons
  • The 2s shell has two electrons
  • The 2p shell has two electrons.


Properties of Carbon

  • Atomic Mass: The atomic weight of Carbon is 12.011
  • Atomic Number: The atomic number of Carbon is 6
  • Boiling Point: The boiling point of Carbon is 4827 º C
  • Crystal Structure: The crystal structure of Carbon is Hexagonal
  • Melting Point: The melting point of Carbon is -3550 º C
  • Molar Mass: The molar mass of Carbon is 12.01 g/mol
  • Number of Electrons: Carbon has 6 electrons
  • Number of Isotopes: Carbon has 7 isotopes
  • Number of Protons: Carbon has 6 protons
  • Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of Carbon is 1.8-3.59
  • Symbol: The symbol of Carbon is C



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