How Many Facebook Friends Can You Have

There is a limit of 5000 friends.
I see some of these people who have 1000 or more friends and I think it’s ridiculous. Over half of those people on there, the Facebook user probably doesn’t even know. I’m not that stupid! Facebook is not a competition, it’s connecting with family and friends and even old classmates, but just to put people on there to let other people you know you have a bunch of friends is stupid, especially if you don’t even know them.

Facebook says that “less than 1,000″ users have 5,000 friends today. There are around 70 million active Facebook users, so the number of users who are affected is around one thousandth of a percent. But a disproportionate percentage of bloggers and press are at the limit, so the issue tends to get a lot more attention than it otherwise would.

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