How Many Grams Of Protein in a Chicken Breast

The average piece of chicken breast has about 30-35 grams of protein. There are 34 grams of protein in a 4 oz. A normal serving is 3 to 4 ounces which is actually about the size of a deck of cards.  It depends on the mass of the it. Good quality chicken breast is usually around 30% pure protein.



Chicken Protein Table

(Chicken Type Protein Fat)

Chicken Breast skinless

  • Boiled 45g 7.5 grams
  • Roasted with little oil 36g 10g
  • Grilled using Grilling Machine 42g 6g
  • Deep fried 34g 15g

Chicken Leg + bone, no skin

  • Boiled 28g 6g
  • Roasted with oil 23g 7.5g
  • Grilled with Machine 26g 3g
  • Deep fried 22g 12g

Chicken Wing + bones with skin

  • Boiled 22g 8.5
  • Roasted with little oil 19.5g 11g
  • Grilled using Machine 21g 7g
  • Deep fried 17g 17g

Breast with breadcrumbs

  • Fried 25g 19g
  • Fried in batter 21g 18g
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