How Many Grams of Salt Per Day

The RDA recommended amount of sodium per day for healthy nutrition is 1,500 mg (1.5 grams).

The amount of sodium you should eat and drink each day should be less than 2400 mg. Most of the sodium people get in their diet comes from salt. which is 2.4 grams.


But I’d like to point out that most packaged foods contain large amounts of salt and sugar. Fast foods are also loaded with lots of each. As usual, moderation in all things is best.

According to the Food Standards Agency, United Kingdom, the human Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) should be:

  • Age 11 years and over, 6g per day
  • Age 7-10 years, 5g per day
  • Age 4-6 years, 3g per day
  • Age 1-3 years, 2g per day
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