How Many Keys Are On a Piano

There are the modern standard piano 88 keys. Most pianos have 88 keys. You can get small pianos with 76 keys and large pianos with as many as 97 keys, but most pianos have 88. 36 white. 25 black. In total 61 if i did my math right. keys are also the levers that you press to provide the sound of the correct notes.

Layout of Keys on a Piano

You have already read above that a standard piano has 88 keys. But if you want to understand their layout better, you should get some more information about the instrument.

First keyboards of early musical instruments had no black keys on them, and the key layout of those times consisted of seven notes. The modern variant was established in the 13th century in Europe. It consisted of twelve notes. Seven white keys and five black keys form an octave. As you already know, now pianos have 88 keys, that is, 7¼ octaves. As a rule, there are 52 white keys and 36 black keys on a regular piano.

Unusual Pianos

However, not only standard 88 key pianos are used now. Some well-known piano makers produce instruments with different number of keys. For example, there are 92 of them in Bösendorfer 225, and even 97 keys in Bösendorfer 290. The so-called “Cottage piano” misses bottom octave and top octave and has only 64 keys. Many years ago the Pleyel Company made the double grand piano, which combined two pianos. It had 176 piano keys.


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