How Many Premature Babies Are Born Each Year

According to a new report released, nearly 15 million premature babies are born every year – more than 1 in 10 of the world’s births. This is considered by experts an obstetric epidemic. 1.1 million of these fragile new born babies die as a result, and even those who survive can suffer lifelong disabilities. Further most of these babies are born in Africa and Asia the report adds.

In the United States, about half a million babies are born prematurely. Today more than 1,400 babies in the United States (1 in 8) will be born prematurely. The U.S. rate was 12 per cent, the worst among G8 countries.

Last year, about 4 million babies were born in the United States. Of these, one in ten  400,000 will need neonatal care of some sort (for prematurity, birth defects, infections, etc.) Slightly more than this percentage will be born premature. Thus there is a one in ten chance that your pregnancy will end before the complete forty weeks of gestation nature intended, and a similar probability that a baby will need neonatal intervention of some sort. A smaller proportion of newborns will be gravely ill: About 40,000 births a year in the U.S. involve babies born with very low birth weights and gestational ages, who suffer serious complications and require intensive care for long periods of time. Predicting the odds that any one pregnancy will end prematurely is difficult at best, and often impossible. Maternal age, general health, and specific medical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure ailments, incompetent cervix, toxemia, etc. as well as ailments afflicting the unborn.

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