How To Recover Deleted Pictures and Files from Memory Cards

A memory card sometimes referred to as the flash card is an electronic storage device that is used for storing a fixed capacity of digital data. These have become very common nowadays and are widely found in many of the devices like the laptop computers, digital cameras, mobiles, Mp3 players etc.

The main advantage of memory cards are that these are re-writable, that is, data can be deleted and new data can be stored all over again if you wish to. However, once deleted, information is very difficult to restore into the memory card.

It is very simple to delete any particular information from the memory card.  For example, if there is a particular file, say an image, in the memory card of a digital camera, that is unnecessarily blocking the memory space, and is just there waiting for its turn to get removed. Find out that image and move it to trash. Then one fine morning you wake up, and suddenly realize that what you have deleted needs to be restored as it contains a photo of someone very special in particular and that’s the only photo you have of the person. What will you do then?

Don’t worry; there are several methods to recover the deleted files from your memory card. We know the difficult phase you need to pass through when an important document or image, etc gets deleted from your memory card. There are several application programs developed worldwide to tackle this problem. People have built different software applications keeping in mind the problem which users face when they lose an important document. They are:

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Handy Recovery

This application software uses normal browser like interface to bring out the contents of the card. Thing is, here you can view the deleted files and folders along with the original ones.  You need to follow three simple steps to get the job done. Firstly, select the drive where your memory card resides. Once it is done, this software will thoroughly assess your disk and its inclusions. After it is done, just search through the files you want to recover.

File search or file filtering procedures can be applied to initialize. Lastly, just mention the location where the recovered files need to be saved. This software works under almost every environment starting from Microsoft Windows 98 till Windows 2007.  Handy recovery is not too costly either. Its price ranges from $45 to $50 which is a one time investment.

Art Plus Software’s digital Photo Recovery 3.1

It is a very simple and user friendly software.  Most of the time, it recovers each and every deleted photo from your digital camera memory card.

It is an executable file that helps to recover all the pictures but only disadvantage is if there is an existence of any kind of video, it won’t be able to find that.

Data Recovery 2.3.1

It is another free application which shouldn’t be installed but is an executable file. It can recover all the pictures along with the videos of any format that existed in the memory card. It is just like a simple folder or directory showing the size, attributes and type too. This is perhaps the best software as it recovers damaged and corrupted files too.

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This application is supported by all the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems as well as Apple Mac OSX like the Linux Novell. It is indeed very fast thereby helping your cause.

PC Inspector Smart recovery

This is a free application which helps you to recover all the data that has been deleted. It has a fixed procedure for the recovery. Firstly, you need to download and install PC Inspector Smart Recovery in your laptop or desktop. Insert your memory card and connect your digital camera or mobile phone to the computer.

Keep in mind the drive alphabet that’s been assigned to your memory card under ‘My Computer’. Then Start the PC Inspector smart recovery system, and wait for it to load. What you need to do over here is, select the drive to recover files from, and select a folder where the recovered files need to be saved.

Now click on the Start button to sit back and see what spell this application creates. Now browse through the folders that you selected before, and check out the output.  The only disadvantage is that it takes a long amount of time to resurrect all the documents or photos that were deleted, but it does perform the task quite beautifully bringing out everything in the end.


As long as you are familiar with the computer system, you can easily recover all the information that is gone. iRecover is a pretty easy software to use. All you have to check is whether the disk selection has been done and the recovery mode has been set. If you are a technical person, this software will be of great use for you. Overriding a file system type and parameters are useful if in any case you are dealing with bad sectors.

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This offers support to all major file systems like FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc. A RAID 0 and RAID 5 recovery module is followed to detect RAID parameters.  Another great thing about it is that, it is safe and reads only problem disk. While searching the disk the disk condition is measured throughout.  If anything goes above the critical level, it will warn you and pause the operation until rectification.

File Scavenger

A free trial version is available on the Internet which again fulfills the purpose of recovering the files that were damages by a virus, or were accidentally deleted by the user or might have been formatted.

eIMAGE Recovery

It is a tool to recover and get back digital photos and multimedia from a source that is damaged or has got some problem. It also detects accidentally deleted images. Usually a free trial version is expected to be found on the internet, but it is always better to buy a full version.

These process helps you to recover you lost data, however its always better to take precautions as we all know “Precaution is better than cure”.

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