Online video: No doubt that it can beat the television by being a friend of the same.

So we are amidst of online video era, no we are not. Online video’s came long ago and also it gained prominence on adult websites. Now, businessmen also use online video for their promotion.

Surgeons posting their success stories in the form of videos on their websites, lawyers posting testimonials in the form of video on the website and the list goes on.  The websites use simple formats like .wmv or .avi.

Online video has short videos ranging from 10-30MBs with the duration of about 5-12 minutes.  It also helps satisfying the visitors with real demo of the product.  Even though it helps a lot, it also annoyed people with 64Kbps modem connection.

Online video for low connection

“Transition is the law of nature” ,so everything in the world changes and it happened over the web too. Flash is a adobe product, previously it was owned by macromedia, will produce movie in the form of FLV.

Flash can buffer even in low connections which helps in viewing movie for users that are impatient.  Still extremely low dialup connections cannot trigger ever the .FLV. Moderate connections like DSL, ISDN is fine to run any flash movie.

So a lot of companies embed animations in the form of flash including vector, cartoon, animated banners (Oh the old animated .gif replacement) and even the real videos. Format like .avi, mpeg, .mov can be converted to .flv which is fair enough in terms of loading and even good in picture quality.

online video

I hope the above explanation clears the importance of videos in the website now lets move onto the heart of this post which will really explains the exact potential of online videos.

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As we know that with the advent of Web 2.0, a lot of social networking sites came into being like Myspace, Flickr, YouTube etc. In this YouTube has played a key role in online videos and has became so famous that people are switched from their TV to their computers. Even there are web based TVs but I will not discuss them as they are relay TV channels.

Difference between online video and TV channel

Its nothing but targeted usage of this online industry, so if you want to watch a song “XYZ” you can just find out on youtube, play and enjoy which is not possible on TV as you have no control over that, the word “CONTROL” plays a key role in internet and this is the thing which has made search a billion dollar industry which states “People looking for a particular object themselves” which in business language says that “Customers looking for shops to buy products”.

use of online video

The beautiful part of the web is the control only and so implies to online videos and they provide the content to the end user as per their demands”

Watching you favorites songs for Shakira, Britney, Bryan Adams or your mom checking the recipes of Tandoori chicken, or your grandfather watching some Cecil Demil’s classics.

Below picture depict the real picture of online video industry provided by comScore :

So its agreed that online video is and can be a very big industry and it can defeat TV in terms of control for the items you wanna watch. But even so strong youtube, hulu or any other video sites can encompass the global cinema and ongoing programmes and these portals cannot produce even 40% of the content which TV channels produces. As a matter of copyrights millions of programmes / videos cannot be posted on youtube, though you youtube have tried to partner with channels but still it is in pipeline.

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BUT the online video can attract the integral part of internet population as all online population was / are nostalgic for the television.

Method which can be implemented by both parties (TV channels, Movie producers, Albums sponsers etc. and Internet)

Online video sites

Online video site like youtube or hulu are not organized and it display video randomly. We cannot find videos with respect to categories.

None of the online video site (whether its youtube or Hulu), none of them are organized and display the videos randomly. – There is no browsing way of find the videos with respect to categories, though youtube has tried to achieve this through channel but still not so viable. – If youtube or any other video site partner with TV channels, movie production companies then they can serve the movies on demand.

You want to watch “Terminator Salvation” on Friday night, so log on to the site and enjoy. Here is another picture where the video sites fail is the archive. There are tons of serials / programmes rolling on the TV channels. If I want missed some portion I cannot recall as they are scheduled / controlled by TV channel owners. Just in case of archives present on video sites I can locate the exact scene and enjoy. This is somewhat makes as feel owner of the channel that we enjoy the left out programmes.

Burning question – Who will create such a vast video network including both the user generated and system generated , will the companies Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Tristar or MGM even go ahead to initiate this on massive scale.

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I cannot answer but I can predict that if all of them join hands together then they can create a multi-trillion dollar advertising industry from online videos and beat up the television altogether. (Please excuse me but unlike newspaper, TV too will be there with its strong rival – Web)

Looks tough as how can this random market can be regulated as even the youtube (purchased for over 1.65 billion dollar) is unable to monetize itself properly but we all should agree that it has created a huge potential and many opportunities are on the way…………….as this is the beginning of online video on world wide web.

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