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Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a Japanese action adventure anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec under the direction of Mitsuo Hashimoto. The story centers on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the battle brawlers who possess them. Though initially a failure in Japan, the series became popular in the United States and Canada, prompting the creation/order of several follow-up seasons, (New Vestroia, and Gundalian Invaders) which aired in other countries before Japan. The fourth season, (Mechtanium Surge) was never broadcasted in Japan and instead aired in Canadian and U.S. markets. The Bakugan franchise are co-productions from Nelvana Enterprises, Spin Master, Sega Toys and TMS Entertainment, with animation by TMS Entertainment in association with Sega Toys. On January 15, 2012, CoroCoro Comics announced that a spin-off series is currently in production that will be based and feature the characters from the BakuTechManga.

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Season 1: Battle Brawlers

Dan Kuso’s life changed one day when random cards fell out of the sky. He and his friend Shun invented a game called Bakugan with these. Together with his friends Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, and Alice, they form the Bakugan Battle Brawlers and its members are accidentally dragged into fighting for the fate of Vestroia (the Bakugan’s home dimension) against the Doom Beings. The season is the story of a dimension called Vestroia which loses its natural balance and merges with the Earth and many other alien planets. An evil Bakugan called Naga was tempted and decided to take the Silent Core, a huge ball of negative energy that along with the positive Infinity Core, forms the Perfect Core that balances Vestroia. So Dan and his friends decided to bring back balance by meeting new friends and allies in the other planets, learn more about the origin of the Bakugan; and facing Naga, who seeks the Infinity Core so that he could complete the Perfect Core and have the ultimate power.

Season 2: New Vestroia

The Brawlers (Dan and Marucho) return to New Vestroia and discover that it has been colonized by an alien race called Vestals, who are unaware that the Bakugan are intelligent beings. Three Vestals: Mira, Ace and Baron, however, encounter Shun, who was an old friend of Dan and Marucho, so he knew the truth about Bakugan and formed the Bakugan Brawlers Resistance. While battling against the evil Vexos, the top Vestal brawlers, the Brawlers destroy each of the three Dimension Controllers that keep the Bakugan in their ball form, liberating New Vestroia. The Resistance part but reunite six months later when they discover that King Zenoheld of Vestal has attacked the Six Ancient Warriors in an attempt to steal the Attribute Energies. In desperation, the Ancient Warriors give the Resistance Bakugan their attribute energies to protect them from Zenoheld, who has the Bakugan Termination System, a machine built to wipe out all Bakugan but needs the Attribute Energies to power it. After losing half the energies, the Brawlers decided to attack instead, engaging a temporary alliance with Spectra Phantom, the former leader of the Vexos, along with his sidekick Gus Grav. However, the remaining energies are taken and the Brawlers rush to New Vestroia to evacuate all the Bakugan. while the Six Ancient Warriors battle with King Zenoheld, they failed and turn to the bakugan risistance by giving them their power and then all evolved. Drago, however, refuses to give up and manages to destroy the BT System and evolves again into Helix Dragonoid. Things quiet down until Spectra resurfaces again to battle Dan and when he loses, he concedes that Dan is number one and joins the Brawlers, returning to his original persona, Keith Clay. Keith reveals that Zenoheld is working on a powerful weapon called the Alternative System and helps construct Battle Gear for Drago. Meanwhile, the Vexos begins crumbling from within as both Volt,Lync and Shadow decide to leave, feeling that Zenoheld and his son Hydron have finally gone too far but are quickly disposed of by Prince Hydron. In the final battle, the Brawlers with Gus, who joins as their newest member, manage to destroy the Alternative and the Resistance go their separate ways.

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bakugan series

Season 3: Gundalian Invaders

After defeating Zenoheld, the Brawlers return to Earth and with the help of newcomer Ren, they set up Bakugan Interspace. However, Ren is not all that he seems to be and reveals that he is a Gundalian in need of help, saying that his planet Gundalia, is under attack by Neathia. Shun is not convinced and discovers, that Ren is lying once Princess Fabia showed and proved Ren’s story wrong. The Brawlers agree to help Fabia and head to Neathia to help fight off the Gundalians. Meanwhile, Ren begins showing signs of distrust for Barodius (Gundalia’s Tyrannical Emperor) and eventually defects to rejoin the Brawlers. Unfortunately, Jake is captured by Kazarina (Gundalia’s leading Bakugan biologist) and brainwashed, so the Brawlers head to Gundalia to rescue him along with Ren’s imprisoned team mates(who were imprisoned for failure), joined by Nurzak (a former advisor to Barodious, who turned against him when he saw he would lead Gundalia to ruin) and Mason Brown(a team mate who had escaped imprisonment, who have also sided with Neathia. Once they do, the Twelve Orders mount a final attack on Neathia. The Brawlers rush back in time to defend the planet while Dan and Barodius engage in their final battle. Ren and Mason’s team mates Jesse Glenn, Lena Isis and Zenet Surrow are freed from their brainwashed state after Kazarina’s demise. Linehalt uses his Forbidden Powers to restore the war torn Neathia, while Barodius and Dharak are destroyed by an overload of power from the Sacred Orb (which they tried to take anyway, despite Dan and Drago defeating them), which grants Drago new powers and evolves him into Titanium Dragonoid and granting him the status of ruler over all Bakugan.

Season 4: Mechtanium Surge

The Brawlers’ reign as number one in Bakugan Interspace is killed by two new powerful teams: Team Anubias and Team Sellon. To make matters worse, Dan and Drago continuously suffer from visions sent to them by Mag Mel and Razenoid. These cause them to lose fans rapidly when Drago loses control in battle several times, threatening the lives of all the children in Interspace. Shun and Marucho find themselves unable to help as Dan is keeping everything to himself. When Dan loses control once again and nearly kills Anubias in battle, all of Dan’s fans abandon him and he leaves for New Vestroia to train. Shun, meanwhile, takes the reins of leader of the Battle Brawlers and charges himself with the task of returning the Brawlers to their former glory. He becomes more and more uncaring and brushes off all opinions but his own while Marucho tries to help him be a better leader. Paige and Rafe show up to learn from them, but find them in disarray. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago fix their problem and prepare to come back. Eventually, Dan controls Drago’s powers as Marucho and Shun reunite and join up with Paige and Rafe. When the Chaos Bakugan start destroying Interspace, Spectra appears out of nowhere to help the Brawlers out and destroys many of the Chaos Bakugan. Afterwards, Dan returns, but is out of sync and accidentally defeats his fellow brawlers with Zenthon. He tells them later about Mag Mel (Spectra left beforehand, disappointed in Dan having changed). Shun walks out and dismisses Taylean’s words. Dan later has a vision (which is true) about Gundalia being attacked by Mag Mel (who is now free). Dan arrives and tells them about Gundalia, which Paige confirms unexpectedly. The Brawlers dismiss Dan and don’t let him go, but Dan says somewhat angrily that he’s not asking; he’s telling them that he is an original brawler and isn’t gonna be cut from this fight. They let him come along and save Ren’s home world.

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Then they face Mag Mel and discover Interspace being destroyed, so they go back to Earth to save it but they are trapped and must figure a way to save the gate, the key, the battlers and Interspace. Just then, Anubias and Sellon reveal themselves as artificial life forms created by Mag Mel to assure his resurrection and succeeded in taking Dan’s Key. In a new battle, Dan find out that Mag Mel is actually Barodius, who survived his last encounter on Neathia after being transported to the dark reversed dimension created by Code Eve. He later plans to destroy Earth, Gundalia, Neathia, Vestal and New Vestroia by sending every civilization to the dark reversed dimension. Before “disappearing”, he says that his final demise will cause another disaster to befall on Dan and Drago.

A few months later, Bakugan City is shown to have a peaceful start as humans have now communed with the Bakugan from New Vestroia. Not all is well when 4 Mechtogan lead by Coredegon, who have broken free from their bakugan, start terrorizing the place. Not only that, but some new enemy called Wiseman has appeared with ancient Bakugan called the Nonets. At the beginning, The Brawlers get confused because Wiseman somehow had the appearance of Gunz Lazar, the new Haos Brawler who disappeared after the four Mechtogan attacked Bakugan City. But is was later revealed that Wiseman was actually Coredegon in disguise while the real Gunz was put in a coma so his negative energy was absorbed. After Coredegon alongside his pals (in his combined form as a Mechtogan Destroyer) sent the Brawlers to the Doom Dimension, he completely destroyed the Earth and New Vestroia. With Gunz back to his normal state, Dan and the others travel trough time in order to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from killing every human and Bakugan. In the final battle, Dragonoid Destroyer, who is Drago’s last Mechtogan, acquires an infinite power that comes from the bond between Bakugan and humans all over the world, which gave them a chance to defeat the nomad Mechtogan and send them back between dimensions. Dan’s friends throw him a party, but soon discover Dan is missing. Shun sees Dan and Drago sailing off using a boat borrowed from Kato. Dan says that another adventure is waiting for him and Drago, and that he had enough time in the spotlight, such that he wants to let other Brawlers to rise to his rank.

Bakugan Games

Strategic game

A strategic game called Bakugan was developed by Sega Toys and Spin Master and released in conjunction with the anime series, albeit beginning a year before the anime even started (2006). The game uses spherical, spring-loaded miniature figures, representing the Bakugan, which pop open when rolled onto special metal Gate cards. The objective of the game is to capture three Gate cards. You can change the rules of battle with ability cards. Battle is engaged when opposing Bakugan magnetically pop open on the same Gate card. Each Bakugan has an attack strength called “G-Power”, which can be modified by the Gate card landed on, Ability cards from players’ hands,special optional pieces called Traps and some Bakugan carry Battle Gear and bakunano. To win a Gate card, you need to use the gate card’s G-power boost added to the G-Power score of your Bakugan. The Bakugan with the highest combined G-Power wins the battle and captures the Gate. Some bakugan are called Mechtogan. These are bakugan action figures, they do not fold up to a ball, but instead, you slap the card onto its back to show its secret functions and G-power. Your bakugan’s G-power combine with the Mechtogan’s G-power to make the total g-power, e.g.: bakugan g power; 600g, mechtogan g-power: 150g = 750g, so you will have 750g power

The game can also be played with up to four people. The rules remain the same as a regular game. Bakugan may also be played in Big game style where players use six Gate Cards, six Ability Cards and six Bakugan, instead of three of each as in a normal game. Instead of capturing three Gate Cards, a player must capture six to win the game.

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The game has spawned numerous accessories, such as carry clips to store three Bakugan marbles at a time, launchers to fire the marbles at the game arena, soft plastic and hard plastic play area mats and special gauntlets (based on the ones used in the second season).


There are a total of 6 attributes: Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water) and Haos (light) make the power triangle. Opposite them, the trio of Darkus (darkness) , Ventus (wind) and Subterra (rock) make the triangle of power. Battle gear and Bakunano come in gold, silver, and copper.

Power Sources

There is the Infinity Core, Silent Core, The Sacred Orb, The Attribute Energies, The Code Of Eve and others. They are power sources. They contain enough power in them to bring life to anything in the Bakugan world. They contain light and darkness to keep the world balanced.

Special Treatment

Special Treatment Bakugan exist, such as Clear, Dual Attribute, Pearl, Translucent, and White. In the game, most Special Treatment Bakugan have multiple attributes or can take on the attribute of an opposing Bakugan under certain circumstances. Note that special effects are NOT attributes except for Clear and White.


Bakugan marbles have been one of the top rated toys for children, winning plenty of awards and selling thousands of marbles a year. The original television series 1 and 2 (B1 Bakugan) were smaller, and all Bakugan after series 3 called Bakupearl (B2 Bakugan) are larger and the current size. Fans have also been upset, as the main heroes and villains Bakugan from the last 26 episodes in New Vestoria were not released outside the Japanese Bakugan market.
According to IGN, it was one of the leading kids games for the Nintendo DS in 2009. The Toy Industry Association gave Bakugan Battle Brawlers the 2009 Property of the Year award, recognizing the property that has had the greatest success spreading its brand throughout the industry that year.

Main Bakugan Characters


Mag Mel is the mysterious masked entity who haunts Dan’s darkest dreams and often appears to him as a vision, especially during battle.


Sellon is the beauitful and elegant leader of Team Sellon. Although she sometimes clashes with Anubias, they are united in their goal to take down Dan and Drago.


Anubias is the leader of a new powerhouse team storming Bakugan Interspace. He admires Dan’s battle style and is determined to claim the title as number one.


Spectra Phantom battles alongside Marucho and Shun while Dan is gone. Spectra’s battle style is cool and focused. He immediately anticipates his opponent’s moves and rarely loses a battle.


Paige is a former solider from Gundalia. She has been sent by the Queen of Neathia to train with the Battle Brawlers. She’s completely fearless in battle and quick to be the first to throw down.


Rafe is a young, patriotic solider with the Neathian Castle Knights. He has been sent to Early and Interspace to train with the Battle Brawlers.


Robin is the quiet one on Team Anubias. Much like Shun, he has strength and stamina in battle and rarely let’s his emotions override his actions.


Shun isn’t happy with the new style of battling in Interspace and tries to keep his battles true and clean. When Dan starts acting strange, he declares himself the new leader of the Brawlers.


Marucho has made Bakugan interspace into a worldwide phenomenon. A loyal friend, Marucho often finds himself caught in the middle between Dan and Shun. His battle style is one of using “brain over brawn.”


Dan is the number one ranked television series battler in Interspace, and the Brawlers have an avid fan base. But dark forces are at work and Dan and Drago are haunted by disturbing dreams and visions.