Become A Local Marketing Expert

Want to start a new career that could have you earning $50 per hour (or more!) without a degree or any kind of formal education? Local marketing experts can demand these kind of fees because the need for their services grows faster than the current number of local marketing experts who can handle them.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Local Marketing Expert?

Have you tried to learn affiliate marketing in the past and failed to make a dime? No problem! Local SEO is a piece of cake compared to affiliate marketing. There is much less competition for local keywords and the ranking algorithms are much less complicated and slower to change.

In fact, if you have tinkered with affiliate marketing at all,  you have what it takes!

If you haven’t, no problem. If you know how to use a keyboard and a mouse, you can learn to do this.

What Does A Local Marketing Expert Do?

A local marketing expert helps local businesses improve their search engine rankings by getting them listed on the first page of Google. 80% of people looking for information on local businesses will do a Google search and most business owners aren’t even aware of it!

If you can show a local business owner how much free advertising they are missing out on, some of them will be willing to pay you a nice fee to help them.

Free Advertising?

Yes, Google has invested plenty of resources into building a massive catalog of all local businesses in the U.S. (They are working their way into other counties as well) There are free to use platforms that very few business owners know how to utilize or take advantage of.

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I am referring to Google My Business & G+ pages. You don’t need to know code or have any web design skills for this. It’s mostly data entry. A local marketing expert I know charges $197 to set these up and the whole process takes about 2 hours tops!

Not a bad day’s pay for a couple hours work right?

And the setup fee is not the end of the story. He charges a monthly maintenance which takes very little time and effort.

Do I Have To Build Websites?

No. You do not have to learn to build websites. However, if you did, you could earn much more money with fewer clients. Building websites is not as hard as you may have been lead to believe. If you don’t want to learn how to build websites but still want to offer it as a service, you can always outsource the work and mark it up.

OK, How Can I Learn To Do This?

If you think that learning to become a local marketing expert may be for you, I want to offer you access to the most awesome training video’s in the industry! Here’s some what you’ll learn:

Video Lessons

Running a Successful Local Marketing Business
Hello Local.. Local Marketing as a Business
Finding Profits In Local Marketing
Local Marketing: Client Acquisition by Not Selling
New Local Marketing Client Checklist
Local SEO & Marketing Primer
And More!

Over 8 hours worth of video lessons from a local marketing expert!

You can access these videos for 1 month for only $19!

After 1 month, if you decide to stay, the monthly membership fee is $47 per month. Even if you only sign up 1 client per month, it’s still an incredible return on your investment. And remember, most clients will pay you month after month!

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Want A FREE Tour?

There is a FREE starter membership to this awesome community. Here is what you can get as a free member:

2 Free Websites
Free Hosting
10 Lessons On Website Development
30 Free Keyword Searches
Live Expert Help (Available for the first 7 days)

If you decide to upgrade to a premium membership within the first 7 days, you will get 59% off your first months membership fee plus a couple extra bonuses. Once inside, I will send you a personal welcome message and you can contact me with any questions you may have.

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