Best Affiliate Training Course

What is the best affiliate training course? I’m not sure there is a one size fits all answer for this. It really depends on your skill level and what you need to learn based on your own goals and objectives. I can only tell you what criteria I would look for and tell you the best course to find it all in one place.

Is It Beginner Friendly?

Too many affiliate marketing courses are not friendly to newbies. They assume that their users have a certain level of skills when it comes to building websites and most of them don’t teach many of the important technical aspects. If you have little or no skills when it comes to building websites, you will want a course that is friendly to brand new people.

Can You Learn To Build A Business In Any Niche?

A good affiliate marketing course will teach you to build a business in any niche. Many of the courses out there only teach you how to promote their course. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that these courses offer affiliate programs of their own but, they should be able to teach you how to profit in other niche’s as well.

Is The Training Up To Date?

There are many outdated affiliate marketing courses still circulating the internet. I’ve bought a few of them myself. If you don’t have the most current and up to date information, all of your efforts could be for nothing. This has caused many wannabe affiliate marketers to give up believing that all affiliate training courses are scams.

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Is LIVE Help Available?

No mater which affiliate training course you use, you will get stuck from time to time. That is inevitable! It can be extremely frustrating when you can’t move forward because you don’t understand something. Some courses have a forum where you can post a question but if people are not visiting that particular thread, you may not get an answer for days! (Another thing I have personal experience with)

Fortunately, the affiliate marketing training program (of which I am still a member) has LIVE help available at all times. Your question doesn’t need to be posted in some long forgotten thread. Your question goes to head of the line! People not only offer answers within minutes, but some members will even offer 1-on-1 help! (I do a lot of this myself)

Can You Check It Out For Free?

A great affiliate marketing training program will let you see what they’re all about before you spend any money. I’m talking about checking them out without entering any credit card information. There are a few courses out there that will give you access for $1 for 7 – 14 days knowing most people will forget to cancel. That’s when your card get’s whacked for the full course fee!

Do They Offer A Free Website?

The best affiliate training course should offer you free sites to test with. Anyone who has allowed domain names to expire because they could never decide what to do with them can really appreciate this. Free sub-domains don’t expire and they are easy to replace with premium domains if you decide to run with your idea.

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Do They Offer Free Tools?

Have you ever bought a course where the training they offer uses tools that you have to buy separately? This one really makes my blood boil! You pay for training only to find that they refer you to other tools for purchase…… and they even try to send you to the site through an affiliate link on top of that!

Any training course worth buying will have their own tools and they should be available to you at no extra charge! You are paying for training to learn how to build a business, not to bled dry by unscrupulous marketers.

Avoid Up-Sells

Up-sells are another thing that gets on my nerves. I have paid for courses only to be immediately shown a pitch for another, more expensive course. The one that will REALLY teach you how to make money! Okay, then WTF did I just pay for?!!! When any training course offers immediate up-sells, I know that they are only interested in bleeding your wallet rather than helping YOU succeed!


To summarize, the best affiliate training course should include all of the following:

Beginner Friendly
Teach You To Profit In Any Niche
Up To Date Training
LIVE help
Check It Out For FREE
Free Website & Hosting
Free Tools
No Up-Sells

You can get all of this and much more without a credit card! Ready to see for yourself?

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