How Many Lines Of Code in Windows 7

Windows 7 has about 50 million lines of code.

Windows 95 had 15 million lines of code. That grew to 18 million lines by the time Windows 98 launched, above. Windows XP, released in 2001, has 35 million lines of code.

Although Microsoft has not released any figures, Windows 7 is believed to have over 50 million. The Windows 7 kernel alone contains at least 2085772 lines of code.

Statistics have shown that in 2008 there where over 1.2 billion personal computers in use and about 72% of them were running Windows XP, which makes it the most popular operating system of all time. Many IT departments have consolidated their deployments around Windows XP with billions of applications and software closely bound with it. Another thing is that Windows Vista has more than 50 million lines of code against 35 million that Windows XP had when it was released. This has had the effect of slowing down Windows Vista, if it is not running on anything but the latest and fastest hardware. Yet another thing is that one of the biggest goals of Microsoft was to unite the Windows 98/Me and Windows NT/2000 code bases, and with small exceptions XP accomplished that.


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